One of my favourite sayings comes from The World Health Organisation (WHO): “Health – a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing – and NOT just the absence of disease!”

It isn’t about ONE thing only – it is about a balance of all.


I, and many experts in the fields of psychology and nutrition believe, that it is possible to be “firing on all cylinders”, be inspired, happy, calm and alert – MOST of the time.

You can achieve this through a variety of means – biochemical, physical, spiritual and psychological.


There are four main steps to being naturally “high”.  I will briefly touch on them now for this introductory letter, and enlarge on them in letters to come…


  1. OPTIMAL NUTRITION:  When you improve your nutritional intake (food and certain supplements), the fuel for your body and brain changes.  Certain foods contain building blocks for neurotransmitters (the brain’s mood, mind and memory molecules) – running on a  higher “octane” fuel is going to give you more energy as well as making your brain work better and you feelbetter too!


  1. DAY-TO-DAY CHANGES:  The reality is that life is ‘messy’ and changes on a daily basis can put you out of balance – like being stressed out.  Learning how to help keep yourself in balance by using NATURAL substances that don’t push you out of balance even more, will keep you more stable and in control.


  1. POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING: How we think plays a huge role in how we feel – it isn’t only about chemistry.  Negative thought patterns can bring you down – like fear and anxiety, and they seem to come so easily! BUT one sometimes has to work harder at achieving those positive, happy thoughts.  A positive / optimistic frame of mind can be achieved, but may require some practice, if you are stuck in a negative thought pattern.


  1. 4.    POSITIVE LIFESTYLE:  Specific lifestyle changes in the areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, may be essential for you to take, in order to achieve optimal wellbeing.


Before leaping into a mass of information or popping a few pills that a friend recommended because it made her feel better.  You need to develop your own personal strategy, based on your past, present and future hopes and dreams. Please do not self medicate and remember that many of the natural products out there, can also do more harm than good if taken inappropriately or in conjunction with other medication.



An individualised programme, that is suited to your needs, as well as tailored to your history, body type and biochemical make-up is the only sustainable plan of action to get you (and keep you) on the “high” road.



Yours in health



Adele Pelteret

Nutritional Therapist, Lifestyle Consultant, Corporate Health & Wellness

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