Tuckshop Makeover

Does Your School Tuckshop Need An Extreme Health Makeover?

Then it is time to speak to Lifestyle Nutrition – headed by Adele Pelteret

Adele is a Clinical Nutritionist & Integrative Lifestyle Consultant, as well as a fully qualified teacher.

Huge volumes of junk food is being fed to our children on a daily basis at school Tuckshops.

Now is the time to make the change!

Don’t let PROFITS out-weigh the HEALTH of our children!

Adele has compiled a comprehensive, internationally researched


for South African Schools

It includes a look at:

  • How nutrition is an integral part of many areas of school life – not just the Tuckshop.
  • How to make gradual changes to “healthify” your school as well as educate & encourage the children, parents & staff.
  • Affordable, practical & healthy alternatives for Tuckshops, sporting events, fundraising etc.

For more details, contact LIFESTYLE NUTRITION on 021 5313589 or 082 3696606

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